One of a Kind Ceramic Sculpture 

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Next Auction: Friday, July 10th

One Original Handmade Item Auctioned Per Week

10% of Proceeds Go To Charity

Congratulations to the Fourth Auction Winner!

These Mustangs are on their way to Washington State, USA.

10% of bid will be supporting the The Ocean CleanUp.

Congratulations to the Third Auction Winner!

These horse drawings are on their way to Luxembourg.

10% of bid will be supporting the Woman of Color in the Arts.

Congratulations to the Second Auction Winner!

Story Hour is on the way to Dubai.

10% of bid will be supporting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Congratulations to the First Auction Winner!

Mare-ish is on her way to London.

10% of bid will be supporting the NAACP

Completion of and installation of
'Pas de Trois'
Patrik Kittel & Lyndal Oatley's Outstanding Stables !

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