Nourish your home with sophisticated     one-of-a-kind equine sculpture

Are you looking to enrich your space with a piece of art that uniquely expresses your passion as well as elevates the experience to all who enter your home? I am here to help you create that space. As you may know, horses revitalize your energy and nourish your soul. Art can have that same effect, and when paired together with the elegant shape and positive energy of a horse, it can transform your space into a welcoming sanctuary.


The intention when creating my sculptures is to share my passion and emotional journey the equine world has provided me. Every piece is designed and created by me and is assured to be a luxurious addition to your home.


Are you looking for something more personal? I am also available for commissions. Please Contact me to curate something exceptional together. 




This project brings together the timeless, soft toned nature of Emma Tate's artistic feel and Annie Alden's eye for calming neutrals with a modernized antiquity. They are designed to fit into any aesthetic and as a collection that can be passed down for generations.


The pedestals are handcrafted by a local Amsterdam metalsmith and the worn, liquid brass finish was personally chosen by us. The pedestals come in three different heights: fifteen, eighteen & twenty centimeters. We will curate the height of each sculpture for you based on the number you choose to purchase. 




Pedestal heights: 15cm/6inches, 18cm/7inches, 20cm/8inches

Prices in USD:  $2,700 / 4,800 / 6,900


*Price includes VAT and Shipping Worldwide.

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ETC x Annie Alden Design 2022 Limited Collection - Timeless Ceramic Horse grounded by Antique Brass Pedestal

€ 2.500,00

Original Mustang


Created upon request. 

Individually Handmade

Fired clay

18 x 12 x 4 cm  

Indoor Only


Each sculpture is unique and represents a herd member.  Size and shape will vary with handmade items. Therefore, dimensions and weight are approximate. Due to the strategy used and process of making, each horse is irregular and unique. These variances are what give each piece their character.



Measurements: Approx. 7 x 5 x 2inches

Prices in USD: $620 / 830


*Prices include VAT and Shipping Worldwide. 

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Individually Handmade Mustang Sculpture

€ 600,00

New artworks represented by

Horse Polo Art Gallery

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15000 Euros


12000 Euros


5000 Euros


9000 Euros


9000 Euros