Emma Tate Ceramics is available for commissions. Opportunities include, personalized horse portraits, trophies, hand painted kitchenware and more. Contact us and we can make something unique together!


Pas de Trois

1.60 x 2.60 meter

Independent Commission for the home of

Patrik Kittel & Lyndal Oatley

Independent Commission for a new home owner. 

Commissioned Trophy Sculpture for the 10e edition of Jumping Peel & Maas

Independent Commission for a husband to be. A portrait of his family horse 'Bud'.

Independent Commission for a vibrant lady moving across the sea! This photo was taken before the final glaze firing.


Commissioned especially for Brooke Charity. Auctioned at the World Equestrian Games.

Fine, white stoneware clay

Vanilla Bean glaze accents 

16.5 x 9 x 10.5 in

One of a kind 


When horse & rider share a moment of connection. They are listening, feeling and moving as one unit. 


Fine, white stoneware clay

Vanilla Bean glaze

13 x 7.5 x 5 in

One of a Kind


Representing Brooke’s ‘Motive’ to raise awareness for working equines.

This sculpture was especially made for Brooke Charity.



Independent commission for a racing enthusiast with a family background in Kentucky horse racing & breeding.

'After Hours'

Made to auction at Brooke Charity's Polo & White Party in Wellington, Florida to raise money for working equines. 

Arabian Mare and Foal

Commissioned for a husband's birthday in Saudi Arabia. This lovely pair were his favorite of the breeding season.